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Welcome to Empire Guild.


Raid Schedule

We raid 3 days a week, Wedsday,thursday,sunday and maybe monday aswell depending on progression, from 6:45PM to ~11:00PM PST. We are looking for exceptional players to maximize our short raid week. If you cannot make these raid times, do not apply.

Gear Requirements

All applicants are expected to have the best possible gear they can obtain in their power. Therefore you should be not be wearing a PVP belt if you can have something better made. We are looking for min-max players who would do whatever it takes to obtain any advantage before it becomes mainstream.

Note: Do not apply if you are way undergeared, you are not a special snowflake, this is a number game. You are not much better at pressing buttons than other people are.

Note: We do not recruit for PvP purposes. Do note that if you do have PvP teams be ready to be judged by them.

Update: Cataclysm has been out long enough for you to have "Therazane" exalted for the shoulder enchant. Your server should be stocked with enchanting mats and you should have enough gold to have everything enchanted with the best possible enchant by now. The same goes for gems; have the best possible gem available for each socket in your gear. We want to see you put effort into your character. If you have slacking gems/enchants your application will be denied.

How to apply

Create a thread in our Application forum with both your name and class/spec in the subject. Feel free to PM your application to Immune and it will be posted in our private applicants forum.

Please do not ask us about your application in game, doing so will severely reduce your chance of getting in.

If you are a transfer applicant: DO NOT TRANSFER unless Immune informs you of your acceptance.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for us to go over your application. If we do not respond to you within a reasonable amount of time, consider yourself denied. If we decide to contact you for a trial or further questions, a response to your application will either be posted in the thread of the application itself, or sent to you in a private message on these forums. Please check both early and often. Please do not contact us in game about your application.

 To apply you need a deep understanding of your class is a must of course, and understanding how other classes work in conjunction with yours in different raiding situations is extremely important as well. If you don't rock when compared to the average wow-gamer, then save us all the time and do not apply


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